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Date: 2018-02-15 14:27

I have no idea if my crush likes me or not, his body language is confusing, but yet whenever I look at him he starts to look all over the room and stare back into my eyes. I really like him so much, whenever I get hurt he always there for me, whenever I get remembered of my past he holds me and comforts me. I met him at my church, he 8767 s such a sweet mannered boy! I always try to get the opportunity to ice skate with him, so far we only did it twice since *censored* started again whenever we do go skating he would always grab me before I fell, he wouldn 8767 t help anyone else but me, he 8767 d try to impress me by falling and making it seem so cool, I would start to laugh at his silly antics, we he would grab my waist or hold my hand when we ice skate, he even gave me his jacket, he asked me if I wanted him to hold my (Precious precious) baby phone, so I trusted him with it and he held it the entire time we ice skated. Whenever I would ask him if he wanted to go he would always say yes, if we try to hang out he would say yes to me. But there is this one day a few days ago I dumped my boyfriend He was lying to me and it hurt.. So I told my crush everything he told me 8775 if I ever have the chance I would punch that scumbag, don 8767 t waste your tears on him, he 8767 s not worth it if he doesn 8767 t like you, your priceless to me, and everyone else, and most importantly God, you mean so much to us, 8776 .. He 8767 s always so protective of me and always makes me smile whenever I 8767 m sad. The day I dumped my boyfriend he was there with me and had asked me if he could drive me home, of course I had to accept.. So we walked to his car and he told me 8775 You 8767 re some girl, I mean your stronger than any other girl I have met in my entire life, 8776 I was crying but that made me smile and stop my tears. He gave me this peace at my mind, I felt calm. So on the way to my house he told funny stories and told me he doesn 8767 t like this one girl he always liked, so I told him 8775 I 8767 m single and back on the market!! 8776 He smiled and nodded his head at me 8775 heck yeah you are! 8776 I didn 8767 t know we were flirting at that point so we continued and we got lost for a bit by that I mean like 8 minutes I enjoyed my time with him so much I really need to know if he likes me.. But whenever I text him he responds so quickly to me, to other people he sometimes takes a century, he would answer my calls no matter what, even if he 8767 s in his car driving! I really like him.. Me and him been through so much

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Ok so there is this guy that I have know since about fifth grade, and he happened to be a previous crush of mine, but I moved on once I go to middle *censored* and there were a ton of fresh faces. I still had classes with the same *censored* and he often called me by my legal name while everyone else called me by a nickname. My last year of middle *censored* we had a ton of classes together. He was always nice to me and his friend never really seemed to care when I was around. Me and this *censored* had to sit next to one another in a couple of classes and we honestly had some of the best conversations. One time this *censored* who is really tall was being a pest by moving my chair with his legs and so I kinda kicked him (he was fine) and the guy (previous crush) tried to stop me by putting his legs over mine and so we basically stacked our legs on top of one one another until we were just tangled in a mess of legs. We ended up sitting like that for about 75 minutes until he had to present. His friend came over and asked what happened with our legs and so I told him and he just looked at his friend (previous crush) and said 8775 outta all the things u could have grabbed, u grabbed her legs? 8776 And I just looked at him and my previous crush was just like 8775 what else was I supposed to grab? 8776 And his friend just squared down and pointed to my booty. A couple weeks after that his friend tried to get him to touch my but until I walked away. My previous crush made a joke that we were dating and so I honestly thought that it was funny. He started calling me 8775 baby 8776 or 8775 babe 8776 and telling people that I was his girlfriend. I thought it would be funny to play along and just ignore everything. I later ended up having to take a break from my phone and so I had a friend keep my Snapchat streaks and she said that everyday he asks 8775 when are u coming back? I miss you 8776 We still talk and stuff and my friends say that we should date and that he likes me, but I just don 8767 t know. Like nothing major has happened. Like we haven 8767 t kissed or anything but i know that he hated it when I brought up one of his previous crushes and asked how she was and stuff but that was before he moved on. Before he had moved on it almost seemed like he didn 8767 t like talking about it. But when my other friends asked, he didn 8767 t care. I just don 8767 t know if he likes me. I mean I would defiantly like this person back, but I just don 8767 t want to get myself thinking about something that isn 8767 t possibly true.

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Hi. Thanks for all the information on your site. We have been feeding our labrador retriever raw for over a year. We started when she turned one year old. She has done very well, is very healthy and energetic, and at a great weight. We have fed her a combination of raw beef heart (morning) and chicken with bone (evening), mostly, with raw beef or chicked liver for 8775 treats 8776 sometimes, or other beef. We also give her doggie multi-vitamins. She has eaten strictly raw meet, no grains, for over a year. We did not feed her ground beef because we tried it and it made her ill. I believe you have to kind of experiment a *censored* if you want to feed your dog raw to see what works and by introducing one type of meet at a time. Most people start with chicken from what I understand. One thing we have learned is that we have to make sure the meat is fresh and does not contain any bad smell that a dog can detect when meat is not so fresh. We had to actually give it to her somewhat frozen to mask the smell a bit at times when we failed to freeze the meat immediately after purchasing it. The process of chopping up the meat in portions and freezing it is a lot of work. We were actually considering going back to commercial dog food since this is so much work. We plan to get another dog and we just can 8767 t see doubling the work, not to mention the cost. We 8767 re at a crossroads and quite sure what to do now. I would hate to throw away the obvious benefits of feeding her such a rich and healthy diet. I tried introducing 8775 Taste of the Wild 8776 brand dog food which is supposed to be pretty good ingredients and she turned her nose up at it without added gravy. At this point it might make sense to get a meat grinder and grind up the beef heart and chicken (seperately) instead of trying to chop it all up and portion it out. We have a serious meat clever and I still spend all evening in the kitchen doing this job when we first bring home a new batch of meat for her it 8767 s exhausting! Maybe with a meat grinder that you could add bone to and everything (the bone is a crucial part of the diet), and with added rice, we may be able to sustain feeding our dog (s) raw. I hope so. I kind of shudder at commercial dog foods after all the efforts we have made. I looked at the ingredients in Science Diet and was amazed at that crap. Anyway, thanks, your site is kind of inspiring me to consider sticking to it and maybe finding better ways to make it work. Any other suggestions are welcome!

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To be quite honest, I am only 66, and I are in my junior year of senior high, and I have had all four classes this semester with the same guy I had my had my last class last semester in, and I always catch him looking at me. I mean, when I would look boredly around the room as both boredom and an excuse to look at him cause the way we are seated in class is where we can see each other, save our last block where we sit directly beside each other, I always catch him looking at me 9/65 times, and when I do we sometimes maintain eye contact and sometimes he or I or both look away quick. He looks at me in ALL our classes. Sometimes he would make silly faces that would make me smile and sometimes he would start random conversations or include me in conversations he 8767 s have with both male or female friends. He also, in our very last class where we sit beside each other, looks at me whenever I am being mentioned in a conversation. Honestly, a few days ago him (his name is Saber) and the girl on the other side of him, Daisy, were bickering about asking me to borrow my ruler, he would always make the same comment along the lines of 8775 No, I will let Cat continue to use the ruler 8776 and would always look at me when he said it. Before this, before we sat next to each other, whenever he would go sit beside Daisy whom previously sat in front of me and he behind me, he would always glance back at me, and since I would be glancing over watching I would have to look away quick when he caught me. He makes jokes all the time and asks random questions when we 8767 re in *censored* and he always has his body positioned against the table leaning closer to me, and lately he 8767 s been finding more ways to chat with me during class, whether they be *censored* related or about myself. Just a few weeks ago, we were playing 75 questions, and originally he rejected my question on if he 8767 d ever date me because he is more into althetic girls, but when he realized I am an athlete he started playing a whole lot more attention to me during our classes and continues to spike up conversations. This is no joke, he asked me two days ago what a V-line is and when my face got red and I covered it and my body temperature spiked he smiled at me and returned talking to Daisy, but made show of actually just showing where a V-line would be, knowing that I was paying attention. He actually did the 8775 raising eyebrow 8776 thing TODAY when we were talking in our last block and he was making jokes and teasing me and in the class before he was looking at me between the computers. He had changed his seat so he was against the wall like I was and would be looking at me when I glance at him, cause I sit with my back agaisnt the wall so I can see the exit. He doesn 8767 t touch me often though, he always asks me for writing supplies and to use my erasers or if he can borrow notes. He made a joke yesterday about me not knowing the word for 8775 pencil 8776 in a language I didn 8767 t understand. He speaks 8 already and is currently in my German class. He also called me 8775 shrimp 8776 in another language in complete randomness and we started laughing after it cause I, since he is taller than me, immediately said it was like he was calling me short. But, at the same time I don 8767 t really understand these signals he 8767 s giving off. He acts sweet and friendly around Daisy too, and when he does that he has his back to me so I can 8767 t see his face. I don 8767 t know, my friends say he likes me, but is keeping things awkward between us because he doesn 8767 t know if he wants to date me. That makes sense to me, and he does show signs from this article, but I really don 8767 t know. At first, when we first started talking, I couldn 8767 t really look him in the eye cause I was nervous, but he would always make me laugh, and we smile a lot when we talk. Two of my friends that know the details of everything between us tease me about it, one chants 8775 He likes you! He likes you! 8776 and the other chants 8775 Lovers. 8776 or 8775 You have a date. 8776 whenever Saber asks me if I wanna play 75 questions on the weekend cause he is busy with soccer practice most of the week after *censored*. I just don 8767 t know, my friends say he likes me, his friends that I 8767 m friends always stare at me and look at him, but he said before he didn 8767 t think he would ever date me. So, I am just confused. He seems like he 8767 s interested in me, but then I don 8767 t know exactly. We spoke about our ethnicity and he got really surprised and interested when he realized I am European as well. What can I do to see if he really does like me? Do I wait a few weeks and then ask him if he thinks he would ever date me, cause we would flirt sometimes and sometimes when I try he ends up just dodging it. Is he playing hard to get or what? I really need some advice here, I don 8767 t know if he likes me or if this is all in my head.

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